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A work of art and a useful piece of wooden furniture in one. 


Hand-painted by Chris de la Nougerede with love (as deep as the sea), with the trademark de la Vision vintage tattoo art, and featuring a couple of young mariners Queenie with swallow neck tattoo, and Jacques with a ship tattoo, and Brighton on his hat.


The drawers are a beautiful red inside, and on the outside read “Love as deep as the sea” with hearts and banners in vintage tattoo style, with fabulous pendant Hand of Fatima knobs.


Behind the sliding doors you will find a deep midnight-sky blue with gilded stars dotted around and a fixed shelf.


This is a well-travelled, salty piece of furniture which shows the scars of use and age but is nonetheless a treasure! 


Decorative painted furniture adds energy and personality to a space, and this unique piece is an absolute one-of-a-kind which can give your space great character while at the same time being a solid useful storage unit. The sliding doors make it ideal for a smaller space.


Width: 836mm 

Depth: 420mm 

Height: 845mm


Collection only from de la Casa, 9 Keymer Road, Hassocks

Marineros Cabinet

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